Be smarter about life

I’m just going through my other blog. Just seeing the things I used to write and think. It’s fun because I’m finding things that still make me think and reflect.

An essence of this life as play blog is about making life feel easy. Making the journey comfortable. To do that I advocate working smarter not harder.  At one point I was describing how I’ve started to do that in relation to maintaining my weight. But the process can easily be adapted to anything else you want to achieve.

The key principle is about smarter goals. A nice simple process that helps you get things done with minimum effort. I love it because it’s the process behind most of my successes. Whether I actually write my goals down or not isn’t the point. With hindsight I can see that I use this regularly and I trust it inherently because it just seems to simplify life when I follow it.

Try it out for yourself. See how it can help you.


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