How can cream tea and fruit crumble for breakfast be healthy!!!

Blueberry scone and strawberry cream tea

Blueberry scone and strawberry cream tea

Cream tea to start!!

When it’s a blueberry scone with strawberries and creme fraiche with fresh mint for extra zing. It was so appetising my little one seconded it and wolfed down. What I did have was delicious.

This continues the experiment I ran before when I asked what is healthier for breakfast cereal or fruit pie?. The results might surprise you.


Cherry and Plum crumble with peaches

Cherry and Plum crumble with peaches

Fruit crumble to follow 🙂

Followed by plum and cherry crumble with peaches and juice for sauce.

You wouldn’t believe how many essential nutrients you get with this meal and they’re delivered pretty much as nature intended.

My taste buds didn’t care. They just went into overdrive. 🙂

Try it yourself it’s indulgent but refreshing. I used juice for the crumble to make it different to the cream tea. I’m continually looking for new easy sauces because they often make or break a dish.

How can this be healthy?

The logic here is simple focusing on fantastic flavour I focus on quality over quantity and so I often eat less but smile more by using herbs, spices and natural juices for flavour.

When I want something substantial I explore substitutes like creme fraiche in place of cream. I now prefer creme fraiche in most situations but I always compare back to what I would have had for the same treat to remind myself that I am having essentially half the calories of the cream I would have had.

The same goes for using the juice from the fruit I’m having to replace cream or another high fat sauce. The juice has higher quality in terms of nutrients and automatically complements the dish as a sauce.

Though I don’t avoid cream, I just have more options, so I never say no to anything I like I just have so many more options than I used to that on average I automatically reduce my calories and increase the nutrients and flavour in my diet.

So this was an exploration of subsitutes for food that improve the flavour, nutrition and thus quality but reduce the calories.

Your ideas

Let me know if you have any ideas like this yourself. Let me know so I can try them.

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  1. Wow, and these are both healthy? They look delicious. #weightlosswednesday

    • Colin Chambers

      They are gorgeous and yes, they are healthy. Your comment prompted me to update the post with the reason why they’re healthy. I didn’t make it clear but they were an experiment in alternatives sauces to cream. The more options you have in the list of sauces you know about and like the easier it becomes to both improve the flavour, texture and nutrition of what you eat through the sauce you pair it with but also reduce the calorie load at the same time. It takes a little work but your tastes buds will thank you as well as your waistline.

  2. Your post should come with a warning – I am craving scones now! A really interesting idea – I do not tend to use creme fraiche, I should look into it though. Quantity control is very important in a diet – I used to be able to eat for England, now I am fully aware when I’m full! Will definitely try out making foods more flavoursome! Thank you for signing up with #WeightLossWednesday! 🙂 x

    • Thanks a lot sim. For years I avoided creme fraiche because the few times I tried it I really didn’t like it because it is more acidic than cream.

      It has a few less calories than cream so it’s another option I have to keep my diet balanced and add moisture and texture to food.

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