Michel Roux: you don’t need a protein with every meal

Michel said in a radio 5 live interview that you don’t need a protein in every meal. That is how I see things but you need someone of Michels reputation to nail this home. 

come to the table describes meal times in france. A place that understands food particularly well.

Parsnip and Carrot soup

We just got a new soup maker. So as you can imagine I’ve been looking for reasons to use it. The dream is gorgeous soups with hardly any effort. The soup maker should do most of the work.

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Stilton and onion pastryless quiche

Cooking should be easy. Atleast if you’re going to do it when you’re busy. I was stuck in that place with some blue cheese that needed eating up but no idea what to have it with.

So a friend of mine suggested I make a quiche. I said I have pastry but its frozen. He said do it without. because it saves time.

So I tried it and found that it’s incredibly easy to do.

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Hunger tips

Part of making food fun is banishing hunger. When I’m celebrating, say at Christmas, I want to eat what I want. No restrictions. Then after in the new year and other times I still want to enjoy food but eat less of it and restore the balance to my weight.

Sounds simple but, if you’ve actually tried it, you’ll know that your body and the signals it gives you often get in the way. Hunger is obviously the main problem. When you go from eating a lot of anything to less you’re going to feel hungry. I also used to worry that maybe hunger was a sign that I was missing nutrients and stuff. Maybe by eating less I’m starving my body of vital stuff.

So I wrote about my experience with hunger and how I figured it out. Now I know how to adjust between times of plenty and times when I’m cutting down. I minimise the hunger and know why it’s there and how stop getting hungry. I’ve gained control. I know what I’m eating is good for me and giving me all I need. It’s not deficient and I know that I’ll be happy long term there are just a few days where my body and mind is adjusting so I have ways to make that much easier.

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you.

Enjoyment is the way to go

The title of this blog is a give away. It’s about having fun. Here’s a post I wrote a while ago that describes part of the journey I’ve taken to put having fun at the forefront of a successful life.

This is becoming more and more relevant in my life as I see the effects of the decision to make it core to how I live. the essence is that people at play become the best of themselves and achieve so much without ever getting very tired. Everything just seems so much easier when you’re playing than when you’re stressed or under pressure.

This blog is about showing that the benefits are real and that you really can thrive by playing. So it’s worth showing how long I’ve been playing and benefiting from it.

Be smarter about life

I’m just going through my other blog. Just seeing the things I used to write and think. It’s fun because I’m finding things that still make me think and reflect.

An essence of this life as play blog is about making life feel easy. Making the journey comfortable. To do that I advocate working smarter not harder.  At one point I was describing how I’ve started to do that in relation to maintaining my weight. But the process can easily be adapted to anything else you want to achieve.

The key principle is about smarter goals. A nice simple process that helps you get things done with minimum effort. I love it because it’s the process behind most of my successes. Whether I actually write my goals down or not isn’t the point. With hindsight I can see that I use this regularly and I trust it inherently because it just seems to simplify life when I follow it.

Try it out for yourself. See how it can help you.


1 Mile a day burns over half a stone in a year

It seems worthwhile pointing out a post I made on my original blog a couple of years ago. The I explained how you could easily lose over half a stone a year by being a bit more active than you already are.

I just wanted to show that weight loss doesn’t always have to be fast and simple weight loss often isn’t. But then weight gain is often slow too. Doing things this way is just more fun and easier to make work