Roasting, my way

Another way of making meals full of taste but simple to make is to mix cooking methods. I’m being very liberally in my use of the term cooking method.

Tonight I used a roasted chicken breast that i’d frozen a few weeks ago from a freshly roasted chicken i’d bought from the supermarket. Rather than defrost it I tried a trick I copied from the fish I cooked last week. It was wrapped in tin foil with a little butter added and put in the oven. I had no foil so I used baking paper instead.

For the veg I opened a can of tinned carrots, yep I’m really being lazy and experimental at the same time, a bit of olive oil, sprinkling of thyme and rosemary. Salt and pepper the roast carrots are sorted. Then I peeled an onion sliced the top and wedged a little butter in. Put in tthe same tray. As the carrots.

Then, cos it’s christmas I’m trying out sprouts. I never liked them but feel like I might find a way. This time I’ve sliced 4 sprouts and mixed them with some tinned peas a little mint and sauteed them in a frying pan.

When it all came together I added some pinenuts to the sprouts and peas.

Anywho. The point is I loved it but I didn’t have to put so much effort into it. Sure I do it all properly when I have time and the energy but I wanted a roast without all the effort. My dinner hit all the right spots. I had a bunch of tasty veg so I feel real healthy and now I’m just putting my feet up and chilling

Accessorise your food

This blog is about bringing fun into life as much as possible. Exploring the ways you can do this is, in itself, part of the fun and part of the journey.

I found a whole new way of making food fun when I watched a bunch of cooking shows and realised that a meal is often a key ingredient or two dressed up with a bunch of accessories.

A roast. For example. Centres around the meat and ‘tatoes for me. The rest of the veg being accessories that I vary according to what I’ve got available, how much time I’ve got and what I fancy. Gravy is expected of course but how it’s made is also up to me.

Viewing things this way is fun because it makes it easy to keep things fresh. I’ve taken it further this morning though because somethings that would have made sense on their own can work together and be even more special.

It’s the weekend so I didn’t want the same brekkie that I have during the week but I couldn’t figure out what to have. I spied a bit of cake but it’s just some standard cherry cake. Didn’t seem very special. Then I remembered some ice cream I’ve got in the fridge. I pictured the ice cream in a bowl surrounded by slices of cake with crushed nuts and oats sprinkled over. Suddenly my mouth was watering and I knew I had hit the jackpot.

I know it doesn’t sound very brekkie like but I have pushed my food boundaries a lot over the years and this is why. I get to have more fun, more often. You’d think it’s unhealthy and of course it’s not exactly what the doctor ordered. However I did sprinkle over some standard brekkie stuff like nuts and oats to add some crunch but to be honest I eat pretty well on average so I can afford to indulge myself every so often.

So, brekkie was a delight. I may never have. That exact combination of ingredients which in itself makes it special. But combining the individual items built a dish where the whole was better than the individual parts.

Recently I shared this philosophy with a friend and she loved the idea for her and her family. A way to make health fun for a change. In turn she shared the article Eat Cake For Breakfast!15 Cakes for Morning Enjoyment to prove that I am not alone in this belief.



LIfe as play. My first post

So here I am with a new blog. Quite excited really.  I’ve been keeping my original blog for a few years now and really enjoyed it. That’s for my general stuff though.

With this blog I want to explore ways of making life simpler and more fun. The journey I’ve taken in life has been all over the place. Plenty of ups and down and plenty of learning. I want to share some of it but also to learn from others.

I’ve come to the conclusion that whether I’m rich or poor the more important thing to me is time. Everyone gets 24 hours in a day, that’s equal to everyone. It’s the one thing we all get that’s completely equal. The other is our mind. We don’t always have complete control over what we do with our lives but always have control over our minds. Atleast in theory 🙂

So my journey is now concerned with making life as much fun as possible. That means making sure I have fun in some way every day. This means training my mind to see fun where there is frustration. turning things into a game.

At first this seems frivolous. Over time I’m finding that it makes me want to go to work. I don’t mind the boring, even scary things cos I’ve changed the way I think and that’s helping me get through. It’s never that long til my next bit of fun.

Anywho. We’ll see. Maybe it’s a bit experiment that falls flat on its face. Atleast I tried and at least I had fun. That’s the motto for now.