Bacon and Mozzarella winter salad with roasted veg

I just had to share a pic of this lunch because I am so proud that I made it. I asked the question a while back What can you make with a vegetable box? and this is another sweet surprise. Continue reading

Pate sandwich with marmalade and onions

Todays challenge was very simple. Combine shop bought ingredients and finish with a home made twist. My attempt was pork pate and I wanted to make it even more special with no effort or expense. I used orange marmalade because it’s in the fridge and goes with pork and the … Continue reading

What can you do with Cabbage?


With delivery of our veg box I now have the challenge of making meals with a vegetable I have never liked. All my memories are of the soggy tasteless variety or that bitter taste that makes you feel like you are being punished. Continue reading

How to make coleslaw in 5 minutes!!!

I’ll confess straight up, I have always wanted to make my own coleslaw but never done it. There are so many things about it I love and it is not just the taste. For example, have you ever considered how much it can contribute to your 5 a day? Continue reading

What can you make with a vegetable box?

A couple of evenings ago we got a vegetable box from fresh fields farm boxes and almost instantly I had to ask myself What can you make with a veg box? I don’t actually know. Continue reading

How can cream tea and fruit crumble for breakfast be healthy!!!

Cream tea to start!! When it’s a blueberry scone with strawberries and creme fraiche with fresh mint for extra zing. It was so appetising my little one seconded it and wolfed down. What I did have was delicious. This continues the experiment I ran before when I asked what is … Continue reading

make effortless roast vegetables in advance

Roasted carrots, courgettes and sweet potatoes

The best part of cooking is when one simple ingredient takes a dish in a different and interesting direction. Knowing how to do this right comes from experience but when you do learn, it means you can keep your meals interesting with the bare minimum of effort and expense. Personalise … Continue reading

Can you make stock for free from takeaway leftovers?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have that busy day where you really don’t have time to cook or you just wanted one less thing to have to do yet you still get to make some fresh stock for a soup, gravy or something else that is the epitome of health. … Continue reading

Create a simple game for my son

I want to start making simple games for my son Nate to share things with him. He’s 2.5 so he doesn’t get proper games yet. He’s happier tapping to find things. This will build on the play I have done with the Unity3D game engine giving me something real and fun … Continue reading

Michel Roux: you don’t need a protein with every meal

Michel said in a radio 5 live interview that you don’t need a protein in every meal. That is how I see things but you need someone of Michels reputation to nail this home.   Relates to meat feast: is it time to change the way we eat meat?   come to the … Continue reading